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​“You can’t be, what you can’t see”

Women are hugely under-represented across STEM fields, and the Data industry is no exception – as things stand, male Analysts and Data Scientists outnumber their female colleagues 4 to 1. Addressing this imbalance isn’t just the right thing to do ethically. Data shows that everything from workplace satisfaction, to business profitability significantly improve when an organisation strives for greater diversity and inclusivity.

Women in Data® plays a key role in driving for more accurate representation wherever data is being gathered and analysed, providing the platform that allows professionals at all levels to share their knowledge and experience, while working alongside businesses to help them embrace and develop the enormous advantages generated by diversity.

I was named one of the 2024 Twenty Women in Data and Technology for my work engaging with the media.






















The Women in Data® Twenty in Data & Technology series, powered by Snowflake®, is a showcase of inspirational, trailblazing and dedicated women, showcased for their success, innovation, leadership or courage. Enhancing the visibility of these women aims to inspire girls and women to enter data & tech, as currently only 26% of data & AI professionals worldwide are women, which drops further to just 22% in the UK*.The series looks to retain women in these industries and inspire them to take up leadership positions, with over half the women in tech leaving the industry by the midpoint in their careers (more than double the rate of men)**.Encouraging women into these roles has real-world impact for people everywhere. Previous twenty alumnae have co-created the Oyster card, algorithms for Amazon’s Alexa and shaped the future for solving the causes of dementia, for example.


2024 saw the reveal of Series 6 of Women in Data®’s Twenty in Data & Technology portraits. Shot by Sane Seven, the theme of which was breaking free from other’s expectations to make one’s true self real and visible. The Series 6 photoshoot aimed to show women’s true colours. Photos were combined with AI-generated flowers created based on prompts from the awardee, expressing the individual differences, flourishing and growing of new leaves and branches of our weird and wonderful selves.

10 x 15cm Jen Visser-Rogers by Sane Seven with flower small res.jpg

* McKinsey & Company ‘Women in tech: The best bet to solve Europe’s talent shortage’ article.

** The Alan Turing Institute ‘Where are the women? Mapping the gender job gap in AI’ Report.

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