For those of you coming by train, you will either arrive into London Kings Cross, or London Euston. Note that Twickenham is at least an hour (if you're lucky and hit everything right) away from each of those stations. To get to us, you will need to get on the tube on the Southbound Victoria Line to Vauxhall, and then get a train to Twickenham or Teddington (depending on where you are staying) from there. Don't worry about getting tickets for the tube, you can use contactless bank cards in just the same way as you would an Oyster Card, just tap them on the barriers. You can also use your bank cards on the train to Twickenham/Teddington.

For those of you coming from the North East, you might find it more convenient to fly into Heathrow Airport as you save yourself the trip across London. We are about 30 mins drive away from Heathrow Airport and an Uber will cost you about £20. We may also be able to do airport pickups and chat to us before booking flights as Justin may be able to get a discount.

If you are coming on LNER trains (from Yorkshire or the North East), I have some tips for getting cheap tickets...


You can sign up for notifications for when the advance tickets (which are substantially cheaper) become available ( They also offer 25% discount on advance tickets for groups of size 3-9, so you might want to arrange yourself into groups and take advantage of that offer ( There is also a website: which looks at whether or not it's cheaper to book individual tickets between all the interim stations, rather than buying one ticket straight through. It doesn't often come out that much cheaper as there aren't many stops between Wakefield and London, but sometimes you can find a bargain.

Any questions, just give us a shout and we'll try to help!